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Admissions policy Catholic Primary School De Triangel 

De Triangel is part of the Amstelland Education Group, with eleven Roman Catholic / Protestant Christian schools in Amstelveen and Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. As an education group we adhere, by and large, to the same admissions policies. 

For all families:

    • In general, all children are welcome at our schools, irrespective of religion, culture or command of the Dutch language. This also applies to De Triangel.
    • Applications to schools in Amstelveen are based on postal code. Children attend, as often as possible, the primary school in their own neighbourhood. The postal code area for De Triangel is 1187.

For expats / those recently relocated to the Netherlands: please contact the Central Information Office first:

    • Parents who have recently arrived in Amstelveen from another country are assisted by the Central Information Office in finding a suitable primary school. Report first to the Central Information Office.
    • Children who have recently moved to the Netherlands with an insufficient level of Dutch can attend a language school: “De Taalschool” in Amstelveen-Zuid. This language school has both part-time and full-time Dutch language classes which can be attended for up to one year. De Taalschool is organised by the Amstelland Education Group. Please get in touch with the Central Information Office.
    • Starting in October of the 2019 – 2020 school year, the Amstelland Education Group will have an internationally oriented education department. This is to meet the demand of families who plan to live in the Netherlands for just a few years. The main language at the internationally oriented primary school will be English. Please get in touch with the Central Information Office. 

For more information concerning the Central Information Office, the language school and internationally oriented education, please send an email to Berty Menke info@poamstelveen.nl or telephone 06 8228 8072.

If you are interested in a introductory meeting and/ or placement of your child(ren) at our school, then please complete the form below in full. Please mention all children you want placed, now and/ or in the future. -thank you

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