Newsletter (Eng)

Our school publishes a monthly newsletter in Dutch. This is send to all parents and/ or guardians via email. As a courtesy to our English speaking parents and/ or guardians an English version is published online. In the newsletter is important information about school.

Below you find the recent issues of our newsletter. If you click on a link it will open in a new tab or browser window.

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2019 Newsletter
Februari Newsletter of 02-2019
Januari Newsletter of 01-2019
2018 Newsletter
December Newsletter of 12-2018
November Newsletter of 11-2018
Oktober Newsletter of 10-2018
September Newsletter of 09-2018
Juli Newsletter of 07-2018
Mei Newsletter of 05-2018
April Newsletter of 04-2018
Maart Newsletter of 03-2018
Februari Newsletter of 02-2018
Januari Newsletter of 01-2018